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November 2nd, 2013, 02:34 AM
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Hi Ladies! I hope you all are doing well! Jamison had his first birthday on Oct. 4th, and Josiah turned 5 on September 3rd. Just thought I would pop by and tell you my baffling AF saga. Last month, AF arrived on day 25. I usually have a 24 day cycle, but give or take a day. It started out like normal, but on day 3 of AF, I started bleeding really heavily. I was soaking through super plus tampons every hour, which is NOT normal for me. The heavy bleeding only lasted that one day, with lighter flow on the remaining days. It freaked me out, but since I'm still BF-ing, I thought maybe it was something weird with my hormones. Well, this month my AF was completely normal. Now I am actually wondering if last month was an early miscarriage. It didn't even occur to me that I could be pregnant since we use condoms and AF arrived basically on time, but now I'm just not so sure. I have my annual exam with my OB in two weeks, so I will discuss with her then. It's kind of a strange place to be in, wondering if you lost another LO, but also realizing you'll never know for sure. Just had to share.
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