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November 2nd, 2013, 01:22 PM
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i just got a call from eric asking me if i wanted to work tonight. i was slightly happy because i am ready to go back to work but then he told me it would be at one of the other stores. he made the comment "it would give you a chance to prove yourself in the back of the store". why do i need to prove myself??? do you know how tired i am of trying to prove myself to that company??? i am good at my job, don't get me wrong. i can run the back of the store by myself if i need to, because when we lived up north, it's exactly what i did majority of the time. proving myself is what should've happened when i was 36 weeks pregnant with vivian and i was successfully running the back of my store by myself. proving myself is not something i need to do. they need to open their eyes and see what i'm doing and figure it out for themselves. why do i need to go back to work at a store i know practically nothing about as far as their sales and whatnot, after 2 months of being at home???

any other time, i'd probably do it and not a word would come out of my mouth, but like i said, i am so over trying to "prove" myself!!! and let's not even go into how extremely insulted i still am because they took my chance at having my own store away from me when they found out i was pregnant. i don't care if it was a safety thing, i know what i can and cannot handle and they treated me like i had a disease!

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