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November 2nd, 2013, 03:06 PM
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Starting out at 9 weeks with the tummy photos I don't have much but there is a little hint of a bump there, and I figured I may as well start documenting somewhere! With my last pregnancy I started at 7 weeks, so I am a little behind. But here goes:

Please excuse my early morning hair, I need a trim, and lack of makeup.

I plan on doing more 'formal' bump photos but I need to get a few supplies and dig out my tripod, plus find an outfit that I want to use for progression. ^Photo above, that is my favorite sweater, so I plan to use that for my 'informal' phone snap shot bump photos.

So anyway, proceeding, so far, this has been a roller coaster. This kid is going to be as much drama as her (his) sister! Starting with lots of brown goopy spotting, funny little discharge that looked very much like flakes of skin/tissue (sent me over the edge and to the ER once and lots of calls to the triage nurse during vacation). I was sick one week and then days later, feeling fine and un-pregnant! Lots of stress and worry!! 6 week scan showed a nice strong heartbeat on what looked like a grain of rice. *this was before the ER visit.

ER visit was during the 7th week, with the funky odd looking discharge in the toilet, I just knew I would be getting bad news, I had spotting up until 12 weeks with Ava, but nothing like this! On the contrary, HCG numbers were perfect, ultrasound (which took them over an hr to read) was perfect and everything looked great.

Week 8 OB visit for an ultrasound, baby had gotten bigger, heart rate perfect, and I started to let my 'in limbo' guard down a bit. Not only that but the nausea has returned and some days it is worse than others. I dread eating most of the time, and the early 3/4/5am hunger pains are very very annoying. I am bloated in the evenings, gassy during the day and its to the point where I have to take Gas X to help me feel better! I am also tired a lot..running after a 4 and 2yr old has become a small chore! I have not sewn anything in weeks, which makes me a little depressed, because I am just exhausted. Lots of time spent in bed, and because of that, I have my registry (aka personal shopping list) done, and am now working on favoriting my Etsy finds and baby patterns! Things, I am sure will get better in about 3-4 weeks.

Next visit will be in about 3 weeks where I will be getting my NT scan optimistic and excited about that! I will be 12 weeks 2 days so I will get to see some little fingers and toes waving around in there instead of a little floating bean with tiny nubs, that I saw at 8 weeks, lol!

I have no feelings either way yet of boy or girl. Although as the weeks roll by I am leaning slightly towards girl. I don't know if that is because I have so much girl stuff that it would be much easier to have another little girl or if because of the dramatics that are similar to my pregnancy with Ava. I want a boy, but then again, I want a girl. So I guess it really does not matter and I am going to go with the cliché that as long as the baby is healthy, the gender does not matter.

Now I leave this entry with some cute etsy finds that I will be getting as soon as we find out what this little one is! (And some things for me as well)

Cute Minky Blanket!

If its a boy

Love these little bibs!


Personalized Birth announcement onesie, of course there is a girl version as well!

I LOVE this infinity scarf that turns into a nursing cover!!


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