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November 2nd, 2013, 05:24 PM
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This past week I attended a big conference at work (luckily in my town) from Thurs-Sat, and led a presentation for 60 people this morning. So, this afternoon I CRASHED and plan to do as little as possible tomorrow

This upcoming week is (possibly) my NT scan, then just a regular week until Friday night. A good friend I used to work with is turning 50. She is single, never married, and I think she wants a huge blow-out party since she never had a wedding. A few months ago she put together her "birthday party committee" (which I am on) and we all have jobs and it's turning into this giant production. Frankly, I am annoyed. My friend is kind of high-maintenance, and usually I just humor her because she is good company. But it is getting out of hand. I will be glad when Friday is over.
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