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November 2nd, 2013, 08:32 PM
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Been a bit MIA lately, I had my what was suppose to be last beta on Thursday (26 dpo) and it came back at 20,400 not as high as I hoped but still a 51 hr doubling time which is okay and progesterone was 23 which is also good. I then went for my u/s and this time I went to a different place since I had switched ob's. I was suppose to be 5 weeks 5 days that day, I charted and was pretty sure about dates, I was very excited as I had seen my dd's hb at 5 weeks 5 days it was 96 bpm so I was hopeful to see this one that day as well. She put the probe in for 2 minutes, long enough to say yep theres a sac in the uterus, it measure 5 weeks 2 days, no fetal pole, no hb, but there is a yolk sac... the end. I was pretty worried as this was not where it should measure, she explained that maybe it didn't implant right away, so then I explained with that measurement I would have been 6 dpo when I got my bfp... before it even implanted. We left there and I called my prior ob who had me come in right away, she did another u/s which was abdominal on an older machine and she measured the sac at 5.3-5.4 weeks, a little better and then she had more labs drawn. The next day I seen the lab results from her office (a different lab that the regular one I use) progesterone was 26.80 but the email said hcg was in the 18,000's, I replied that this means in dropped by 2k in a few hours, but they seem to think it's not a drop in hcg but a difference in labs and machines. So now I am in limbo, didn't see much on u/s, she said the yolk sac is promising, then the weird hcg numbers from the ob office. Next ultrasound is Thursday to figure out how this is going. So nervous, but it's not in my hands. This morning was the worst ms I had yet in this pg, I only ever had a bit of ms with #1 and that didn't last long, the rest of the pg's were basically symptom free, a little gaggy with the last baby but this one had me feeling awful since 8 dpo and today was the worst, I'm taking that as a very good sign. So there's my novel and the reason why I've been MIA, just sitting back for a bit until we see what happens on Thursday. One day I am so hopeful thinking about the yolk sac and how my ob said the sac was round and perfect and she was optimistic, but then I think about that 2k difference in hcg numbers and become unsure again. Thanks for reading.

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