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November 2nd, 2013, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Justjessie View Post
I'm sorry about all the uncertainty and the worry! That being said, my OB wouldn't even have worried about seeing that at as far along as you are...he wouldn't even have TRIED for a h/b until over 6 weeks.

I had two u/s with Jessica, a week apart, and the second one measured her a week EARLIER than the other one did. Difference in techs and machines =)

I know it's hard to hang on until then but the fact that you feel like crap is actually really good =)

Thank you, I hope it's a good sign. No my ob wasn't hoping for a hb, the ultrasound this early is mandatory for me once my hcg numbers get to a certain point to make sure it's in the uterus because of my risk of ectopic. I had a tubal reversal 3 years ago and because of that I am at a higher risk. I was the one hopeful for a hb since we seen my daughters at 5.5 weeks. Honestly the u/s wouldn't have made me too worried until the weird second set of beta numbers came in that day. That really stressed us out. We will see what happens Thursday.

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