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November 3rd, 2013, 08:51 PM
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So, since I could not get my tubes tied this time due to the emergency c-section and me under a full general(you have to give a verbal approval before they cut you) my dr will not tie them now till AFTER my 6wk PP check up, so roughly another 1-2wks after that appt! Would not be a big deal (I can refrain for a couple of more months, lol) but now DH has a rather large diagnosed hernia that is going to need surgery ASAP. Since he will not be able to lift anything for quite a while after surgery (my 50lb 3yr old, 30lb 2yr old, 20lb 11mo old) I will have to carry all the kids to bed (2nd. floor) so I will not be able to have surgery either! Both of our surgery's require no heavy lifting and his is more urgent than mine.....I THINK? Ugh, its like the God's are f'n with me.....I mean, I'm gonna be 43 frik'n years old, I almost died this last time......why does bc have to be such an issue with me?????? The only other option for me would be condoms (dh has never used one in 51yrs of living, that should be interesting, lol) or just plain abstain for another 4 months! My hormones are worse than a 16yr old girl right now, geesh.....

Run down on bc that I can't use: All hormonal bc,(hormone positive breast cancer survivor) any type of IUD (last one fell out after baby #6 due to large uterus), I'm against the BIG V, (irrational fear of my man getting cut the wrong way and no more sex for the rest of my life, lol).
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