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November 4th, 2013, 10:51 AM
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So what has everyone's doctor said about holding/carrying their toddler? I've only seen the NP so far and I'm not a fan of her. I had Danielle with me at my appointment and at the end if the appointment I was talking to the NP out in the hall and Danielle asked me to hold her. So I pick her up and the NP starts telling Danielle that mommy can't hold her anymore unless I'm sitting down. I don't expect too many jealousy problems once the baby is born because Danielle will be older and she loves babies, but I feel like if we start off right away with now mommy won't hold you because of the baby, it'd be setting us up for problems. Of course when I get bigger I won't be holding her all the time and now when I'm too tired or not feeling right I'll convince her to have someone else hold her, but as long as I feel fine I don't see why I can't carry her, she's barely 30lbs!
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