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November 4th, 2013, 01:41 PM
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Interrupting from Jan DDC. Tummy time, and Talking Talk to baby about everything. Tell him what you are doing while you do it. It feels funny at first, but its really important and will give baby a good language foundation. I am taking your diaper off, Now I am wiping your bottom, Here come's the powder..... Or another example, Do you see Mommy folding clothes. These are black pants. This is a yellow shirt I am going to hang it up. Its an early indicator for literacy success.

Also baby is never to young for stories, read books, lots of them, show baby the pictures. You actually don't have to read the words, you can just make up a story to go with the picture.

Show him different objects or pictures to look at, you can describe them to him. I think they are still at the stage where black and white patterns and other contrasting patterns are the most appealing.

You can spend the time lighting massaging baby, or turn on some music and see how baby reacts to the music.

Of course you don't need to pack every minute with activity. Babies need calm quiet times as well, and if you entertain during all the quiet times baby may not learn to entertain himself.

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