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November 4th, 2013, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by mrsdaiwa24 View Post
I am so terrified of this too. She is such a mommy's-girl and I am so afraid that I'm going to "lose" her to DH. I'm really hoping the the doctor will schedule my c-section for the Tuesday after Memorial Day so we can have one more weekend where it's just about her -- I was in tears about this the other day.
Awww! I understand. I worried about it too. But it ended up working out to where I would nurse baby, and sit down with ry on the couch while nursing. Or lay a blanket on the living room floor (hardwood) Then baby got tummy time and Ry played with his toys and the baby. He was really good. He would always help me, by bringing me diapers. When Luke switched to bottles he fed him. I would always make "helping with baby" a mommy and Ryan thing. And when Luke napped we would spend time and watch a movie or play. Im not too woeeied because they both love babies and honestly the baby will sleep, so you can have that time with the kids. It takes some balancing at first but once yiu get a schedule it really works out. He told everyone anytime we went out that that was his baby Luke LOL.

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