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November 4th, 2013, 06:11 PM
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I personally wouldn't check or mess with a cervix before 37 weeks. It's true that you can dilate early, but cervical exams stir up oxytocin which can bring on premature labor. I do think it is a good thing to know your body and know what you are working with, but 34 weeks just seems so early to stir things up.

I will say that it was so nice in my last two labors to check and keep progress on my own. But I didn't really check till I was in early labor. I think knowing the progress before labor wouldn't help me. If I wasn't dilating, I would feel anxious that I was never going to go into labor, and if I was dilating, I would feel anxious every day I woke up still pregnant and not in labor. For me, sitting back, relaxing, trusting the process and trusting that my body will go into labor, and surrendering control of the time and place was a very important part of things. There is an OB around her that says, "Your cervix is not a crystal ball." I agree with him and I love him for saying that. You can never never NEVER predict how a cervix will behave. So I do my best not to waste my time and energy focusing on it.
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