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November 4th, 2013, 07:20 PM
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No one's ever said anything to me through my 4 pregnancies. My MW and Dr's rule is that anything you did before, keep it up, with the obvious modifications like nothing flat on your back, etc. So, if you're used to carrying around your kid(s) and you have no issues or complications, then it is completely ok to continue to hold them. It sounds like it's the "old school" standard advice that was given many, many years ago and perhaps they're not up to date on the latest studies and research that proves pregnancy is not a disease or a handicap. I'm a runner and fitness instructor. I've always lifted my normal weights right up until delivery. If I'm squatting 80lbs for 5+min while teaching bodypump, and clean and pressing 40lb, etc, then I think it's ok to carry around my 20lb little girl and 45lb 3-year old (yes, he's a big guy, LOL) when needed. Obviously, so your own research and definitely ask your dr their recommendations, but I wouldn't be worried about it at all!!!!
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