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November 4th, 2013, 07:54 PM
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Sorry need to vent. Is tonight jerk night and I didn't get the memo? I came home all in a great mood and DH is apparently not. I got a call from my DDs birthday party venue needing info. I was downstairs and the tv was blaring so I turned it down. Mind you he is upstairs at this point. He walked down and was all pissy cause I turned the tv down. Then after i got off the phone I asked if he wanted me to warm up his food (having leftovers) and he didn't hear so asked again. He answered no. So I asked why and he said fine I'll eat. So I said well I don't care if you don't I'm just wondering why. Then he yelled a curse word and muttered something under his breath. Being my pregnant hormonal self I went upstairs and cried.
He is not normally a jerk and it definately doesn't take much to make me cry on a normal day when someone yells at me. Then he comes upstairs and says I'm sorry now will you drop it?? I love how guys suck at apologizing. And now he is mad I don't feel like watching the game with him. Sorry not really in the mood. Thanks for listening...

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