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November 5th, 2013, 07:53 AM
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I am really hoping for some answers at my appointment tomorrow. I have completely missed one period (October) and I am 6 days late for a second period. I was supposed to start on Thursday (the 31st).I have thought a couple times I was going to start but nope nothing. Like I posted before I had those 2 days with some blood on the tp at night but never anything on a pad. I usually have pretty heavy periods for 3 days and then it gets lighter for 2 days. I always know before I start because I always get pretty bad cramps the day before I start. I have had some cramping but that has been going on since I missed my last month off and on and its never bad just annoying and I have a pretty low pain tolerance. I am having some pretty significant breast tenderness the past couple days compared to before as well as it seems like my bra is now too small and I just recently got new ones back in September. I also have noticed I have been taking a nap with my daughter the past couple days. Keeping my fingers crossed. I really really just want some answers.
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