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November 5th, 2013, 08:15 AM
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I think this is a boy, which will mean three boys in a row. We are supposed to be done after this. But yesterday someone posted this family size charting and what the percentage is for having the same gender in a row. If my memory serves me correctly:
Family size 2 - 50/50 % chance
size 3 75%/25% (different gender/same gender)
size 4 12.4% (same gender)
size 5 6% (same gender)
size 6 3% (same gender)
size 7 1.4% (same gender)
Idk if its true, but I showed it to DF and he said, well maybe we'll just have 7 kids LOL, Im pretty positive it was a joke, but I do think he may want to try for a 4th if this is another boy, which I suspect it is, even though the pregnancy is extremely different.

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