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November 5th, 2013, 09:42 AM
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You can have "sushi" and herbal teas!!!! As long as the sushi is cooked. You can have ungai, tempura shrimp, vegitarian sushi, chicken teriyaki sushi, and most sushi places will make you waht ever you want if you just explain that you are pregnant and it has to be cooked. herbal teas : there are tons with out caffiene! My favorite is good earth original (its cinnamon ans slightly sweet) You can als o have peppermint, honey bush, pretty much any tea that states its caffiene free. This is my 3rd and I live on caffiene free tea and I love love love sushi (plan on having it for my bday in feb) I know technically its not sushi if its cooked, but if thats the only way I can have it, Ill take it!
The only thing I really want that I cant have is alcohol. Oh and you can totally have deli meat, but you have to cook or microwave it first. (its supposed to be at least 30 seconds in the micro, but I always ask for 2 minutes) Subway did it for me last preg!!!

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