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November 6th, 2013, 07:18 AM
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Originally Posted by acchickpea View Post
I've read that sperm can live up to 5 days once in and if you say you are mostly fertile around that time it could possibly have found it's way to the egg. But if you are uncertain of exactly when you have ovulated then a lot is a guessing game. seeing as though you were pretty much regular there may be a chance that you are. Usually after you have ovulated the saying goes you are then in a Two week waiting period. Maybe you ovulated later. If you can remember when you had unprotected sex... if your cervical mucus was like a raw egg white-ish texture that is a sign that you are about to ovulate... if not then you may not have ovulated... which means that the timing of your DH sperm to your egg really didn't connect... usually stress plays a role into late menstral as well...

Wait to test a few days from now but till then just let your body take its course.
I agree. It's hard to know exactly when you are fertile but if you noticed fertile signs like ewcm when you had sex, you could have been fertile.

Has AF showed yet? Any updates?

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