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November 6th, 2013, 08:09 AM
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So, I've had a tubal Ligation after my last baby girl had to come via c section (emergency). I'm wondering now, I've always had some twinges of pain during ovulation and slightly heavier more painful periods ever since, but always regular. It's been nearly 9 months. This month the period is due between today and the 9th and I got menstrual cramping, but no blood. Go to the bathroom, only heavy amounts of cervical mucous looking stuff (tmi), yellow/clear/thick. No itching no burning no yeast infection symptoms or other vaginal bacterial infection symptoms. Basically it's like I'm having my period, including a fluctuation in my moods, skin outbreaks, and body temperature changes. Cramping, aching, and overall tiredness. Everytime I'd get a cramp, the discharge would soon follow. Almost like during labor when water has broken, but comes out slowly. Is it normal after a tubal ligation to experience this?


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