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November 6th, 2013, 09:26 AM
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The original poster seems to be pretty well informed, as are most if not all the other posters that have responded. Now, if nobody is knocking people for choosing to breastfeed without thinking about what they'll do if it doesn't work out, who's to judge people that don't want to take that risk whether they've had kids or not? Or before baby is born or after? Not every breastfeeding issue can be overcome either.
I don't care if you're in this ddc or not, you knew you were stirring the pot when you posted and I think you not being in this ddc made it easier for you not to care who you offend. I'm glad you're passionate about breastfeeding, more power to you, but you need to understand we are passionate about people having a choice and making the right choice for them and their babies. You don't know anybody's reason for not wanting to, and honestly, you walking in here saying some of the things that you've said, makes me wonder if you aren't one of those people that would rather have a woman dreading her infant waking up, in pain, crying, and unable to bond because of it than have a happy, healthy, unstressed, bonded mother and child that formula feed. Despite the pros and cons of both, every woman should want to have a great feeding experience with their baby, and if formula feeding is what gives that to her, I'm going to support her and her decision, no matter if she chose to try nursing or not, or if she made the decision before or after her baby was born.
The fact is that she made that decision, and she deserves support for it.
I'd say the same for nursing mothers, I support the decision, but if it doesn't work, she should be well informed on the alternative and have a back up plan, even if she was able to nurse 10 kids before, her 11th may be different, and again, not every issue can be over come.
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