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November 6th, 2013, 05:38 PM
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I'm turning 21 in a month, and I knew something was already wrong when my period never came 2 months ago. I was in the middle of keeping or aborting it, but I knew it wasn't right to take my baby's life away. As for my boyfriend of 5 months, who is 27, he's all excited and want to keep the baby. I had my first ultrasound a day ago (baby is 7 weeks, 2 days) and I saw my boyfriends face almost in tears, and I don't want to be the one to crush him especially that it's his baby too. I know I want to keep it for sure but the problem is, we both are not ready to have a child because I have debts from my bank and financial loans plus my credit line is really bad (if that matters.) I don't work at the moment and I don't even have any savings. Second, I come in a Christian family and we go to a very small church, and we're very tight knit. I am the oldest youth in my church and the only girl in my Dads side. My parents doesn't know and it's very very hard for me to tell them. I don't know even know how to! It'll be heart breaking for them because they expect so much from me right now. I haven't been a good girl growing up, but being pregnant was the last thing on my mind or anybody's. Lately, my parents are pushing me to go back to school because having a career is the most important thing with my family. I haven't been back to school for 2-3 years, and it'll be more heartbreaking to them that I won't be able to go back to school anytime soon due to being pregnant. My parents are already trying to settle down for their retirement and they talk highly of my brothers because one of my brothers just got his career job and the other one went back to school to study another program. I am the only one my parents are waiting for and it's one of the reasons why it's hard to tell them. As for my boyfriend, he has no savings also, no career, no job, but he's trying to get one right now. My parents have met him and I bring him to church with me, but my parents would be more disappointed when he hasn't even gone to college because my parents would question how he will be able to support me. My boyfriend and I can't even buy any small thing without getting change from our parents.. that's how broke we are. I just need inputs or anybody that was or is in a similar position as I that can help me. It's very hard trying to keep a positive attitude from this when all I see is nothing good coming out of it. My parents are very old school (career, marriage, then family) but it's all backwards now and I don't see a happy ending when I can't even support myself.

Sorry for the long message
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