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November 6th, 2013, 06:26 PM
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our situations are actually very similar, with one exception; my family is not religious. my boyfriend's are, but that has had little effect on my life.

that said, parents are designed to expect a lot out of their kids. even though i was called the "virgin *****" in high school (i acted/ dressed like one, but have only ever "been with" my current boyfriend), i graduated high school at 16. i got straight a's all through high school and into my first semester of college. then i got pregnant. they were pissed, they were upset, but they rolled around. they're working-class people who will work for their entire lives. they wanted better for Nate and i, but now that we're following in their footsteps- having a wedlock baby young, Nate even works at the same mill as my dad- they think we threw our futures away. i live with them, and my boyfriend moved in with us a month before we got pregnant. we both work, but i only work part time. we had $1000 in the bank in january. somehow, even though we've been saving the whole time, we only have $1400 in the bank now. it's stressful. we had plans to move next summer, but are unsure now if that's realistic. we're on wic, but that barely covers anything but milk.

like i said, i was going to college. my first semester (pre-pregnancy) was great. my second semester, i had morning sickness so badly i would spend entire lectures puking my guts out in the bathroom. i failed english, got 3 d's, and only passed the fifth one because my professor knew about my pregnancy and took pity on me. this fall semester, i'm taking online classes. i lack the motivation to keep up with those classes, but if you have the self-control, i'd highly recommend this. it's so much more flexible than sit-in classes, you don't have to put on pants, and you can do it all around your hours of sickness, if you're feeling it. my boyfriend dropped out after one semester, and my parents are very disappointed. they look at him like the son they never had and are convinced he's never going back, and we'll be living off a mill worker's pay our whole lives.

but we are making it work. we are buckling down with our savings. we are limiting our spending. i am making myself meet my online class deadlines. it will be hard, i know it will. it already is.

i have no advice on how to tell your parents, though. i didn't tell mine until i was in my second trimester. they kinda of guessed and one day, my mom took me to the doctor because she was convinced i was dying. we were in the parking lot of the office and i told her i was pregnant. she cried then proceeded to call everyone in her contact list, from my aunts to her boss's nephew's girlfriend's son that she's never met. then she cried some more.

if you need anything, you can always pm me.
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