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November 6th, 2013, 10:08 PM
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In response to Third is Unpredictable: I'm not sure that I agree that a woman should not make a decision before she gives birth. In fact, I know I don't agree! There are preparations that need to be made, both emotionally and practically (formula, bottles, etc) before birth. And while it's possible I may change my mind about not breastfeeding once the baby arrives, it is much more likely that I will stick with my original plan. Again, like the other ladies have said, it really dosent matter why that is, it is very personal to me, and a big enough hurdle that I truly feel I cannot overcome it. I HAVE done my research, and when you add in 8 years of medical training, more research than most. I know studies SUGGEST BF decreases risk of SIDS, risk of obesity, risks of infections. Again, they SUGGEST. What these studies don't figure in are the overall circumstances behind each case, and the studies could care less about measuring the overall happiness mother and baby! In short, it should not amaze anyone that FF infants go on to be happy, smiling, well adjusted, healthy, smart children, with the happy emotionally ecstatic parents supporting them. And BF infants also go on to be happy, smiling, well adjusted, healthy, smart children, with happy emotionally ecstatic parents supporting then!

So the answer is to encourage all ladies no matter what your biased opinion is. You cheer those BF moms on to fight through those painful breast feeding sessions! The breast feeding moms cheer those FF moms along to "screw the haters"!
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