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November 7th, 2013, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by mrsdaiwa24 View Post
according to the author of "Bringing Up Bebe" (which is the true story of an American preggo living in Paris), French doctors do NOT restrict any food or beverages. They tell their patients to use common sense -- like if you're going to eat sushi, make sure it's good quality and not from a hole-in-the-wall type of place.....have half a glass of wine to celebrate, not half a bottle.....things like that. They also tell their patients to only gain 25 pounds -- and shockingly -- most women stick with that weight gain
So, I'm an American living in Paris and I can tell you the part about no food restrictions here isn't true. I've already been given food restrictions from my doc. And my maternity clinic website has a page of food advice including restrictions: no shellfish, no deli meats, no raw fish, and no raw milk products (unpasteurized cheese is big in France).

No one has discussed alcohol consumption with me, but I can say that amongst my French friends they do stop drinking while pregnant. Although I think some probable do imbibe just a little on special occasions. The big issue here is to get people to stop smoking. There are SO many smokers.

The not gaining more than 25 pounds part is true. I don't really know how much people are actually gaining (its just not a question I've asked), but pretty much everyone looks just about the same as their non-pregnant selves except for having little baby bumps.
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