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November 7th, 2013, 04:28 PM
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Marcos has not been weighed since 7 weeks (was 12.5lbs) but I'm pretty sure he's about 16-17lbs right now cause we started the size 3 diapers this week. I think his growth has been fairly stable for about 2 months, because that's when his size 3-6 month clothes started to fit him and it seems he's been growing out of them at a normal pace (although for pyjamas he's now growing out of size 6 months - I guess they make the pj's smaller?)

I am also having back issues which started 3 days ago. I was carrying him and suddenly felt something was just not right and since then it's been like lightning bolts in my lower back and hips if my back moves at a certain angle. I booked a DR's appointment for Tuesday to have it checked out. I had gained 35lbs in total by the end of my pregnancy, was pregnancy lasted for 42 weeks, Marcos was born at almost 9lbs AND since birth wanted to be carried 24/7, so my back has not had a break at all. I guess it was inevitable.
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