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November 7th, 2013, 05:10 PM
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You may remember I went to the Dr Friday and had a great apt followed by spotting all weekend.
Monday morning I called my Dr back and they said to come on in since I had passed several pea sized clots. I was at work when I called them and had to tell my boss what was going on so she could have someone cover my room. They did an ultrasound and the baby looked great! It had measured at 6w 1d with a HR of 110 BPM on Friday and on Monday it measured at 6w 4d and it's little HR was up to 128 BPM! So that helped me calm down and the spotting had almost stopped and was all brown.
I went straight back to work and my boss had already the other 5 people that work there that I was pregnant! I was ticked because our families dont know yet but they said they would keep it quiet for me.

Tuesday after work I had to go to a 3 hour long class and when I got home I went to the bathroom and there was a pretty moderate amount of red blood. I panicked and texted my boss and told her I was going to call my Doctor first thing in the morning and would need someone to come in for me. Wednesday morning I called and left a message for my DR. The bleeding stopped almost immediately the night before so I was pretty calm and just waited for a call back. She finally called me back and told me to just come on by and she would work me in. She looked at my cervix and said there didn't appear to be any reason for my off and on bleeding I was then sent for another ultrasound and the baby was hiding in a hard to see spot lol but it's little heart was pumping away at 134 BPM. The ultrasound didn't show and source of the bleeding either.

My doctor advised me to stay home for a few days and just take it easy so I got an excuse for Wed-Fri. When I got in the car I texted my boss that my Dr wanted me off work until Monday her response was "Well that will make it hard on me but I guess ..." Really?
She went from being all nice to being completely cold and hateful. Then she had the nerve to tell me I had to bring her a paper today! The paper isn't even due until December so I just e-mailed it to the owner of the center.

Dh was not happy about the way she has been acting and told me if I wanted to put my 2 week notice in when I go back Monday. I had planned on working until our boys go on Christmas break and giving her a good 4 week notice but after this I am not sure I want to be there that long.

I go back on Thursday for a regular apt hopefully this little baby will not give us any more scares between now and then.
DH has been amazing through this all and was asking last night if the baby can hear him yet and was throwing out baby names!


I took those days off work and the spotting stopped Thursday. I had a busy weekend and no problems whatsoever. I went back to work today and tried to take it easy while there. Just went to the bathroom tonight and there is a very small amount of pink!! I called my husband who is at work and talked with him about the whole situation and decided that I am going to put my notice in tomorrow morning. I wanted to wait until closer to Christmas for the extra money but my heart is telling me to get out of there because there is something causing this. I don't know if it is the stress of something in the environment but I don't want to risk anything.
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