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November 8th, 2013, 07:03 AM
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Hi ladies!

I've been on this forum off and on for years now, so some of you may recognize me, it's helped me survive 2 pregnancies and 2 children!

.. two children that I get so little time with, I commute 60km (40miles) each way to work I wake up when it's dark and leave while they are still asleep. I get home just in time to give them dinner and help them to bed... it is soooo hard - as mothers I know you can understand that.

It's me who supports the family financially. I want to get out of this commuting situation but we are stuck. We can't sell our house, and I can't get a job closer.

So when some friends approached me if I would help with the development (I am software developer) of a new exciting idea they came up with I jumped on the band wagon and have been sacrificing my sleep, every night after the kids are asleep from 8 pm to midnight. If it gets off the ground it means a full time work at home job for me with people who are great, and I will be able to participate in the little things at home that make such a big difference in life - things so simple like taking 10 minutes to put a roast in the oven for dinner so we can eat food that doesn't come out of a box.

But it needs exposure to take off - so I am asking you ladies click the link below and take a look, show it off to your husbands (I admit it's probably more for guys) and friends, like us on facebook, etc every little bit helps us get higher up on the charts so we can get the exposure we need.

Thank you

Mathias: Born Nov 10 2009 weighing in at: 9lbs 2oz & 22inches (4150g 54cm)

Anna Elizabeth: Born Aug 24 2012 weighing in at: 8lbs 6oz & 20.5inches (3795g 52cm)
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