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November 8th, 2013, 08:00 AM
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I've only ever used a manual one, worked fine. IDK the cost I didnt buy it. I didnt even try until she was about two months, so around the time painful engorgement stopped and she was able to feed off of just one side. Also didnt want to risk over production in the beginning either so waited until it "evened out" a bit. I did it in the mornings, thats when I would get the most. Milk was kind of bluish in colour. If one side wasnt good enough for her, she was still able to use the other side. One thing I found really helpful was to do it at the same time as feeding her cause it's so much easier with the let down from the baby than the pump so thats when I did it. Saved on breast pads too
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It has covers on the pump part with "petals" thats supposed to help stimulate, but I didnt like them. Preference.

The downside? Pacifers and bottles were torture devices she wouldnt touch either. I waited the 6 week period to make sure she didnt get nipple confusion/preference. I tried every kind of material and bottle out there. Ofc NOW she wants to use the babys bottles I bought and even snuck one and drank from it. She tries telling us she used one as a baby even though me and daddy told her she didnt. 5 year olds huh? Not only that, but she wouldnt drink it from a cup when she got older either I had my freezer full all to waste. She wouldnt even take it if I had pumped just then, picky little thing. I wish I had known then there are sites out there with moms looking for donors.

I have a double electric one this time going to give it a try. Yes I bought it used, but thats just a simple cleaning and sanitizing. I paid a whole $2.50 for it and it WORKS!! But I dont like how loud it is. Oh well. I even got 12 glass bottles for it for $4 too. Score I still want a manual as a back up though, this baby should be a lot different than her so hopefully my freezer stash wont go to waste cause honestly I'll pump for as many years as long as s/he will drink it.

And as always, dont use the pump to gauge how much you make, cause it's inaccurate. You might be lucky and be able to get tons, or kinda so so or very little at all. Time will tell. I was lucky to get an ounce at a time some days. Rolled oats are your best friend. Definintly look up storage times and containers. Storage time depends on your fridge and what kind of freezer you use. I have to relook that up myself.

If you have any more questions, this is a great page on FB where questions get tons of responses from experienced moms. I check it out from time to time, learn so much!! Very friendly there too (at least Ive never seen any wicked women in there)

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