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November 8th, 2013, 10:59 AM
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I too will need to pump. I plan to only breastfeed -- but once i go back to work (3 months) I need to leave a good storage of milk for her. Also, DH would like to help with the feeding -- so I may need to introduce a bottle even while at home for him to use. I found out about the Medela Calma bottle -- it supposed to make the transition easier and help with nipple confusion. It has good reviews. In terms of pumps I'm looking for what to purchase. My friend who pumped with her first had a double Medela electric one and she said that the single would have been just fine. From most of the reading I've been doing about breast pumps -- everyone recommends electric and Medela brand. They are pricey, nothing less than $270 for one. Then you will need extra parts to have one cleaned as you're using the other.
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