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November 8th, 2013, 11:11 AM
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Thanks for checking up on my ladies I dont know if I would have made it through everything without y'all!!!!!

Viability!!!! Yahoo!!! I cannot believe I am already 6 months preggo. Time is going by so fast and I am so in love with being pregnant.

So far this pregnancy has been amazing...I was sick in the beginning (but it was totally worth it) but other than it has been great. I pray every day that until February everything goes just as it should.

This weekend we are going to be moving stuff around trying to clear space in the living room, kitchen, retreat, and guest bathroom to start making room for Squirt.

I want to clear space in the cabinets for bottles, bowls, spoons....for Squirt. We are going to put in a bin shelf from ikea in the retreat for toys, clear out the cabinet in the guest bath for bath stuff.

I had an OB visit on Wednesday and everything went to hear the heart beat and she measured my tummy.

I am feeling Squirt move A LOT more....tends to be still more during the day and very active at night. My OB said that is because during the day my moving around rocks the baby to sleep and when I lay down when I get home from work...they are active.

I haven’t felt any ouch kicks or punches yet....but I can tell what position Squirt is in...which is usually kicking my bladder

I forgot to take a pic this I will take one when I get home.

November 8, 2013
24 weeks
  • Weight: 146
  • Waist: 36
  • Mood: fabulous....ready to get the nursery done
  • Energy: energy is still going strong...I’m just emotionally drained from work
  • Appetite: still snack throughout the day...usually toast and OJ for breakfast, a banana for morning snack, lunch changes every day, apple for a snack, sesame sticks for a snack, nuts for a snack, and something different every day for dinner.
  • Cravings: none
  • Morning sickness: still have to take Zofran to keep the nausea away
  • Turn offs: sweets are still yucky
  • Symptoms: sore around my belly button...dr said that was normal. leg cramps at night

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