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November 8th, 2013, 11:50 AM
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Keep your head up hunny!

My advice is: It sounds like your about 2 months pregnant then? that leaves about 7 months to get things together. so dont panick now, the stress is not good on the baby! of course you need some kind of income, any! now with you being pregnant its going to be harder for you to get a job than your bf, so tell him to sit down and fill out any and every application that he can. A mcdonalds minimum wage job is better than none. There are also several programs out there to help, like WIC!

your family: you can tell them when youre ready. they might just surprise you. now it could turn ugly, and if it does you dont need them anyway. but something tells me with how close knit you guys are, they may be upset at first but will come around and will more than likely be there to help you out with anything you need

And if it comes down to it and you dont feel like you are ready, emotionally or financially, adoption is always an option.
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