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November 8th, 2013, 02:00 PM
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Just an update. So my ob won't let me attempt a vbac because they require at least 18 months between births, it will only be 15 months between births. I was trying to be ok with Rcs but I'm just not, I really want to attempt a vbac. Well I finally met with a midwife today from a midwifery group in the area and I loved her and what she had to say and the office was really nice. So I decided to switch! My first appointment will be Dec 3rd.

I will be going for mostly unmedicated (will use antibiotics if gbs+ again) vbac and the midwife suggested I look into hypno birthing. I can't afford the class they have around here so I was looking for books/CDs I can do at home. Does anyone have any suggestions of any good hypno birthing books etc.?
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