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November 8th, 2013, 08:46 PM
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Just found that out thanks to google. No wonder my OB was trying to pull the vbac bait and switch thing. When he was talking about there even being an option to vbac, I kind of assumed it was allowed in the hospital, but vbac websites have the place listed as banned. You'd think that would be worth mentioning at some point in all the vbac conversations we've had. If I showed up at that hospital ready to push or close to it, it's not like they can turn me away. I'm wanting to move forward with switching. Now I just need to start researching individual OBs in the other hospital that allows vbac. On the lists I'm reading, some hospitals are listed as banned and others as de facto banned. What's the difference and what will it mean for me?

My OB did well on my csection though, I just strongly disliked it the experience. I like what he did when he closed me up. He used skin glue stuff and steri-strips, no staples or stitches, so didn't need to have anything removed which is good because I would have wigged out. I'm going to request that glue stuff if I need a csection again with whatever new OB I choose, if I can. Please tell me if this fear is unfounded, but I guess I'm afraid of making the switch only to end up with an OB who messes up my possible csection as silly as that sounds.
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