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November 9th, 2013, 06:49 AM
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While I knew there was still a possibility of another pgcy, my mind had begun shifting into the next stage of life the last few months. I had fully expected another child after my last, but I had two mcs at 11-13 weeks. I was really thinking I just wasn't going to have another one. I wasn't shocked to find out I was pg, but it did take me back. My children are so self-sufficient now... not to mention, DH & I are totally not baby people (shh). We love our children, but it wouldn't kill us to skip the first 8 weeks

This has really rocked DH. He is coming around now. He admits it's a total selfish thing. Life is easier with everyone out of diapers and most out of car seats. You don't have to schedule life around the needs of a baby...

All that said; your fears and anxieties are normal, but since they don't help anything it's best to do what you can to let them go.

I see you posted this a month ago. I hope you're doing better.

eta: Well, duh. I see you're on my DI forum!
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