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November 10th, 2013, 04:00 AM
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My sister got pregnant at 18 and at first my dad was upset, but after my niece was born, he was a different person. I said that to let you know that even if your parents are disappointed, they will come around and be supportive.

As far as finances, hopefully you or your bf will be a ble to get a job. The next thing is to try and get rid of your debt. The way I did it, was by paying off the bills that had the smallest balance and working my way up to the largest balance. I made stupid mistakes with credit in college but since I have paid of a credit card, a personal loan, my car and I am now working on my student loan. It really does work. As far as putting money into savings, if you can start with $1 a week and then work your way up to $5 a week.

Good luck
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