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November 10th, 2013, 07:42 AM
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Hi ladies. I don't know if regulars have been here for years or not, but I was here in 2008/2009 for my first homebirth with Nola. First birth was hospital b/c at the time it was thought in the MW and Medical community that I needed medication for my heart, but no longer so that opened the door for a homebirth.

Quick run down on previous births:

Kailey 8.1.06: 27hrs labor, MW, labored at home, painless, was 9.5 once we got to hospital (still painless, laughing and LOVING it, got nervous at hospital, clammed up, contrax stopped, ended up getting pit and epi and she was born an hr later). Labored in water at hospital while I could.

M/C of twins at 12wks March 2008: this is iffy, nothing was shown on u/s at 12wks yet MW said betas were high, I found this to be inaccurate and question whether I was pregnant with twins, a singleton or even at all..chem pregnancy.. M/C naturally.

Nola 3.20.09: Same MW, labor on and off for 2 days then active labor for 12hrs. Homebirth, painful that time (yikes! lol), labored in water but pushed her out on a birthing stool.

Now THIS time... We've moved. The MW I want (and have, as she's the only one around!) to use is only 15min away from me, which is great. Hubby and I are on a homesteading/offgrid journey right now. We live on 15acres in the woods, we don't even have running water It's great, we love it, our cabin is almost done being built, hope to get into it by the end of this year. We're currently in an RV and have been since we moved here last fall. Everywhere around here is country, but in all actuality the nearest town is only 7 minutes away and the nearest hospital(s), depending on which one and which state I want to go to are only 20 minutes away.

Anyway, THIS time we are planning another homebirth but an outdoor homebirth. I'm STOKED. Now if it's in the middle of the day, 101 degrees with humidity of 80% we'll see what I want at that point.. most likely inside with the A/C haha! If it's not too hot during the day it'll be a "coldish" water birth and if it's at night it'll be a warm water birth with tiki torches.

My best friend, her two kids (one just born in Aug this year) and her hubby are wanting to be here as well. She is a fellow JMer and I wub her

Now I just have to see how the MW feels about all this I don't plan on seeing her until I'm closer to 12wks, have to get insurance stuff situated and what not.

I'm also VERY low-key when it comes to pregnancy and labor interventions. I don't do the triple marker screen thingy, I don't... well lets just say that I DO like to do the 20wk scan to check for physical anomalies, but other than that I don't test for anything aside from urine strips, if this MW even does that. My diet is pretty healthy, paleo for the most part for the past 1.5 years, never had high blood pressure, diabetes or any complications blah blah blah.

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