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November 10th, 2013, 05:20 PM
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My first I had an epidural and I was EXHAUSTED too much to help him latch correctly. A LC came in and latched him while I half slept and she even switched him to the other side. We had a great long breast feeding relationship after I got some good sleep to get all the drugs out of my system. My second had IUGR and was induced at 38 weeks. He had very weak cheek muscles and his sugars were low so he got formula and they were still low. Formula was always given after a nursing attempt and I had a lactation consultant who got me a pump so it was always nurse, formula, have the lab come do his blood, and pump. He only avoided the NICU because I had the tech give him sweetease (sugar water) before the draws. When he was moved up to peds for bili lights he had to have 20ml after every nursing attempt so we would mix what I pumped with formula until I made enough to not need the formula. Before he was discharged they taught me how to use a tiny feeding tube and syringe as an SNS to encourage him to latch and after about a month of working hard together he was a nursing pro.

So I guess you can say my hospital is VERY BF friendly.

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