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November 10th, 2013, 05:28 PM
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Oh that is difficult! It the opposite for me. my MIL is great! My mom is overbearing to say the least. (and now we live with her so it makes things that much more stressful) I thank god for DF because hes the only one who can handle me, but actually MIL is pretty supportive also. I completely agree with you, everything in moderation and if you want that pizza or soda, go ahead. I think you can even have an 8oz cup of coffee per day. People really shouldnt be nit picking. If you want a soda or pepperoni, have it. Its not like you are shooting heroin or smoking meth for goodness sake! I remember one day, pretty sure it was my birthday, and I was eating "sushi"(preg wit h#2) and someone actually came up to my table started explaining to me that sushi could harm the baby. As politely as could, trying to hold back my annoyance I told them I was having a tempura shrimp roll, eel roll, (which was cooked) and a yummy yam roll (which is deep fried yam, cream cheese and mango) Then their S/O chimed in that I shouldnt eat certain kinds of fish. I replied with: thankfully shrimp isnt one of those, and took a big bite of tempura roll (because the slices were huge yummm) they finally got the hint. Im sure they talked smack about me, and I made sure they saw me take a big gulp of soda (It was rootbeer! Caffiene free!)My DF was in the bathroom and was appalled when I told him what happened when he returned. He felt so bad I got harassed, he got me another roll to-go in addition to all the left overs we took home LOL! Hes pretty awesome.

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