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November 11th, 2013, 08:20 AM
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Name: Ry
Kids names: Bodhi, Brigham, and "Ducky"
Location: Denver, CO
Do you have any special events or plans this month? First prenatal appointment, hopefully hearing the heartbeat.
Anything significant going on for Thanksgiving? Going to DF's grandmother's house and hopefully being able to eat.

Pregnant? Ohh yeah.
If so, home, hospital, or birth center? Hospital. Home birth is just out of our financial realm right now.
How many weeks are you? Seven.
How is your pregnancy going? Pretty awful. Lots of morning sickness, soreness, fatigue. I haven't eaten real food in about three days.

Ry, happily engaged to Zach.
Mom to Bodhi, Brigham, and Elliott.

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