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November 11th, 2013, 11:27 AM
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DH was irritating me with this last week. He's going to use 2 weeks of vacation time when the babies come, but he also wanted to make sure he has some time around Christmas and New Year's off even if the babies don't come during that time. So he wanted me to tell him what days to put in for. I told him I didn't know when the babies would be coming, but that I'm done working after the 13th.

But after our doctor's appointment last week where our doctor said she wasn't thinking about delivery until 38 weeks, he's been mocking me about wanting them to come around 36-37 weeks. Nobody knows when they're going to come! Our doctor doesn't have a crystal ball and neither do I.

And it's irritating when people ask when my due date is because the response is always "Oh, New Year's babies!" or "Oh, Christmas babies!" No, I'm having twins, if you think I'm going full term, you're crazy.
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