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November 11th, 2013, 02:52 PM
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I just had a chance to check back with this board. Thanks so much to everyone for the encouragement! Since I posted, I have managed to see a little bit of a change in the scale in addition to continuing to focus on just being healthy, so I think the advice to focus on how I feel and what the health indicators say is really the best approach for me. I also totally get everyone's statements about BMI. It is certainly not a perfect measure and I do have a generally big body so I'm not too worried about getting to the perfect weight according to the chart, but I am definitely not a body builder and I know I have more fat than I really need.

And thanks to everyone who shared about having healthy pregnancies even with a bit of extra weight. There's so much about TTC and pregnancy that can't be controlled or predicted, so all I can do is my best to have a healthy pregnancy and baby and the rest is out of my hands.
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