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November 11th, 2013, 04:39 PM
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Hi mamas,
I hate to say, this is my second time joining one of these boards.
I am 17 weeks with my third, a boy. Last time around, with DS, i started having contractions at 24 weeks, and after a few trips into L&D, i finally ended up being admitted for 4 days because they couldn't calm the ctxs, and i had a Fetal Fibronectin test (FFP) come back positive.
I went on to deliver DS by repeat c-section, at term. But after having constant contractions all day every day, and being on partial bedrest and taking nasty Terbutaline to calm the ctxs. It was diagnosed as "irritable uterus", and generally dismissed by all the drs. That was pretty frustrating.
That was 7 years ago.

I am now 17 weeks with #3. And i my uterus is gettin' all irritable, all over again.
Well, after alot of frustrations with my OB, including how they handled the high-risk thing last time, i switched, and got a brand new OB and high risk OB (maternal fetal med dr). They have done 2 u/s s to check for cervical length. After finding the length not worrisome last week (and even after I told her i was already starting to contract a ton) my new dr told me she was happy with how things look and she would see me in 4 weeks!!

Well, all the contracting is starting to get up there in frequency, like last time, only weeks earlier. I'm sitting here, noticing that they are coming every few minutes. I know what makes them worse, and have made sure to use the bathroom and drink lots of water.
I'm getting worried and frustrated that this is happening again, and don't want to share my worry with DH like last time, since he took it hard last time.

Ok. phew. Thanks for reading.
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