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November 12th, 2013, 09:38 AM
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Three days ago, Adelyn had an appointment in which the doctor suggested to us to start feeding her the single grain cereal since the formula doesn't seem to be doing the trick anymore. We would give her close to 6-8oz a feeding (that's all she could manage to eat) and within three hours she'd be hungry again and asking for more. When I told the doctor she said that was a bit much for milk though she figured it could be a growing spurt. She suggested the cereal and I was hesitant on trying it but figured if it was really watered down it might do Adelyn some good.

Well we tried it and she loved it! At first she had no idea what the spoon was all about but now she's eating it like a pro! haha. We give her about a table spoon of it mixed with her formula and then about 6ox of formula. She can go roughly 6 hours now inbetween feedings and she sleeps roughly 10 hours a night. No kidding. I put her down around 8pm and she'll be up between 6 and 7. She's also a lot more pleasant since she's full for longer periods of time.

What about you Momma's? Anyone else try the rice single grain cereal with their LO or waiting for the 6 month mark?
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