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November 12th, 2013, 11:52 AM
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Where eating healthy is good and it is better to be at a healthy weight too if possible. BMI may be a poor indicator of if you are at a good BMI or not but research does suggest being at a healthy weight decreases your risks of la low birthweight baby, a baby which is small or large for gestational age, pregnancy induced hypertension, pre-eclamsia, and gestational diabetes. It also helps to regulate your cycle and decreases your risk of twins, and reduces your risks of "needing" a c-section due to failure to "progress". Its also more difficult to monitor a heavier mother then a thinner one (when in labor) and might give c-section antsy docs an excuse to just do a section vs allowing nature to progress. It can also make breastfeeding more difficult if you choose to breastfeed.

Now, with that said, I wouldn't stress a ton about it. You are trying your best, you are probably replacing fat with muscle (which is heavier anyway), and I think its more important if you are overweight to be more diligent about healthy habits when pregnant. Some women are just genetically heavier too, despite being "healthier". Like the rest have said, its definitely more about the whole picture then just weight loss!

Good for you! You are doing great!

(PS hope I didn't sound preachy or offensive, I was just trying to relay some info that I'm sure you already know!)
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