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November 12th, 2013, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by rnholly View Post
That is not a good experience at all, but besides the low BP how did you almost not make it? I am just trying to rationalize that as a nurse. Your BP dropped from the pain meds, it's common. Now the fact that your epidural wasn't running... That is an issue. Maybe also have the CRNA do your IV from the get go if you are that hard of a stick. Just try to relax! I hope you have a much better experience this time.
You are right that it is normal for BP to drop with pain meds. It was the fact that I should have responded to the extra fluid bolus they gave me. When I wasn't responding to the extra fluid, anesthesia dr pushed some Neo IV, no response and then pushed Levo IV with no response to that either. Oh and the fact that while my BP was low, the nurse forgot to turn the Pitocin off further stressing baby. I also had some pretty bad bleeding issues post delivery. I actually think I would rather have my husband the paramedic stick me because he can hit even the veins you don't see.

Originally Posted by Jibby View Post
If you can't have a doula, can you have a very clear plan you share with everyone? Does your doc know where you stand on being medically induced? Being induced is the one thing I personally will fight against short of me going very far past due date and having no other options because nothing else has worked. I have never heard a single induction story that was anything short of awful. I'm not having a doula but I am going to make sure I have my wishes well known by my doc.
Since I am wanting to attempt a vbac, I can't be induced. My doctor is great and very patient. He knows my wishes as well as my husband. I was just really hoping to have a doula for extra support so I don't get bullied into things I don't want.

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