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November 12th, 2013, 08:32 PM
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It is normal to be scared! I to am not looking forward one bit to delivery day! I am nervous/ scared as well! My last birth was an induction as well, and I have not had an epidural with none of my pregnancies, and with this last one I had to be induced because my placenta was aging and baby needed to come out. Well, my labor stalled and I had to sit straight up in bed with the pit cranked up, my contractions were horribly through the roof, they wouldn't trun it down to give me a break, and like I said they made me sit straight up cause he wouldn't moved move down further in my pelvis. They did finally give me stadol and after about twenty minutes, his head was out and my doctor about missed the whole delivery. I had to stop pushing after his head was delivered, to be cut so his shoulders wouldn't rip me(so they said), he was purple at that point! He had bruising on his scalp doue to the pressure. My blood pressure sky rocketed afterwards, and I had the biggest headache I had ever had in my entire life! So yes, I am not looking forward to doing the whole labor and delivery thing as well! But I keep reminding myself that every delivery is different, and I am hoping a praying that this one is smooth sailing I guess we all have our own worries I hope and pray that your delivery will be sooooo much smoother this time than the last!

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