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November 12th, 2013, 08:43 PM
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Why do you and husband have to make a "decision?" Why not just keep going the way you are and let time go by. If you believe in bc then that takes care of pregnancy and if you both decide later then you can. I just turned 41 and would love another but that's me. I have found many many couples wait until there children are grown then adopt or get pregnant and start all over again with children. Sounds crazy but they and myself are so happy having a baby later in life. Its a "walk in the park" compared to when I was younger with pregnancy and raising children. So many wonderful things that only happen when you are older.
So I would say don't make any permanent choices yet and let time go by and see how you both feel.
Health issues a lot of time get better with age especially panic attacks and anxiety. I used to have chronic panic attacks that made our lives hard. So I understand your concerns.
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