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November 13th, 2013, 11:08 AM
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We talked a bit this morning and you know we enjoy homeschooling and are currently happy with our decision to do so. But I don't believe it's for every family. For us, it was the one option that excited all of us, that I felt called to do in a sense.

I would disagree with the idea that you can't go back to public school. A lot of that depends on the individual student and on the family's needs at any particular time. We met a homechooling family over a year ago that we're now good friends with. Because the mom is now going back to school herself, she & her DH chose to put their two older children back in public school for the time being. One is doing perfectly fine and the other is struggling a bit, so they may choose to homeschool her again, they're weighing their options currently. I just think there's a lot of gray area, depending on the student, the school, etc that it's not necessarily difficult for every homeschooler to return any more than a kid who moves to a new area has to adjust to a new school, ya know?

I truly don't believe socialization is the big worry that so many believe it is either. As a homeschooler, socialization just happens in a variety of settings with a variety of people as opposed to one classroom of same-aged kids everyday. Leah has friends that are aged 3 to 10. She's not isolated because we make an effort to be involved in extracurriculars, local groups, etc. We've made some great friends and found a really solid community in our area. It's all what you make it.

Still, all that said, I wouldn't homeschool because of one teacher, especially if you wouldn't begin until after the current school year is finished anyway. The next teacher could be amazing. But if you truly feel called to homeschool, like it's something you're passionate about and sincerely want to do, then by all means give it a go. You've got my support either way!
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