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November 13th, 2013, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by melissalaw View Post
Hope you were able to do your push up and get a workout in. I know when I'm in a funk a good hard workout will always pull me out of it!!
We didn't workout yesterday. I'm a little upset about it but we are going to try to skip our rest day on Thursday to catch up. I really don't want to mess up my countdown goals.

Originally Posted by jhmomofmany View Post
Patty, I'm maybe going through something similar. Been spending way too much time in bed lately. The only time I'm not sad is when I'm angry, it seems like it anyway. Even when I'm having a "good" day, the "bad" is under the surface, lurking. Makes it very hard to workout, even though I want to, and I know it will make me feel better... I come up with all sorts of excuses (they are too easy to find!) and then either don't do it or do it half-butt and that makes me feel worse. Or, I force myself up and go overboard so that I am so sore I can't do anything the next day. It's terrible and I've had nobody to talk to. Since DH is on the road, telling him I'm depressed just makes him worried and depressed.. I can't do that to him. So, I've been on my own struggling with this for over a month. It is very hard.
I think the season change may be part of things. I am still feeling really down today. I didn't get started on my push ups till after noon today. I don't always like to tell dh when I am down, not so much because he worries, but he always thinks that it has to do with something going on in our lives and will jump to conclusions. He knows I have bipolar and frequent mood swings but even now, as long as we've been together, he will think I'm depressed because we had a fight or something like that, and often it's just that my moods are off and I'm in a funk and it has nothing to do with anyone or anything. I really think I am having PMS because I tend to get really depressed right before AF shows. I just want to feel better and have my energy back.

I'm sorry you are feeling down too. I hope that both of us start feeling better. (((((HUGS))))

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