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November 13th, 2013, 03:33 PM
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So yesterday, I called the doctor again, worried b/c the night before I couldn't keep the progesterone down (and nothing else was staying down). I wanted to know if I could take my progesterone vaginally. I expected the nurse to call me and tell me it was fine. Instead, she said if I wasn't keeping my medication down, I needed to go to the ER. I told her I was doing better keeping fluids and food down yesterday just not the day before. I was just concerned maybe the progesterone wouldn't stay down 2 nights in a row...and I was worried about that. She said the doctor wanted me to come in tomorrow (today) if I could make it in to discuss. And still didn't give me the "OK" to take it vaginally. So I took it last night orally, and it managed to stay down, thankfully.

So this morning I went in and saw the doctor. I haven't actually seen him in person yet this pregnancy. My appt Monday was with the nurse practitioner. So we discussed things to eat and ways to eat and drink things so they stay down if I have days like that again where nothing stays down. I had told the nurse that the progesterone stayed down last night so he didn't even bring that up. For some reason, he always wants me to take it orally. I don't know why. We discussed the baby aspirin b/c he never really told me why I am taking it. He said it was a last ditch effort to get this baby to stick. So I'm supposed to stay on it the entire pregnancy. Progesterone will be just first trimester. Then He asked if I wanted to see the baby! I said "YES!" how do you turn down an u/s even though you just saw the baby 2 days ago? lol..I'm not sure if he knew his nurse practitioner checked on the bean 2 days ago or not.

So, my doctor doesn't really know how to work the u/s machine (so I didn't even get a picture ) and his tech wasn't there today, but he did a vaginal u/s and we saw A LOT more and much clearer picture of the bean than what we saw 2 days ago. Even the tiny umbilical cord was visible. It was amazing. The heartbeat was strong. Everything looked great and what it should look like at this point.

Then my doctor said "so when do I see you again?" and I said "in 4 weeks!".... And he asked me if it would make me feel better to come in before that to check on the baby? And I said YES!!! So I'm going back in 2 weeks to check on bean again. So I'm happy and it was a good visit.
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