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November 13th, 2013, 07:22 PM
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Names today aren't like the names of the 80's, where kids with popular names were likely to have 3 of them in their class. As a teacher, I rarely if ever have duplicates in my class. I teach middle school, so I have 150 kids on my roster. The only repeats I have this year are William/Willhelm/Williams (in 3 different class periods) and Tatiana (2 of those). Last year I had two Jordans, but one of each gender.

If you look at those statistics, look at how many babies were actually named that. Even the most popular name in my state (Sophia, lol) only had 512 babies named that last year. Five hundred. In the whole state. THERE ARE OVER 110 ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS IN MY COUNTY ALONE! If you take into account the 4 surrounding counties, you're at nearly 500 elementary schools. So if all 500 sophias were born within a 30 mile radius of my house, then there would 1 per school on average.

Realistically, your child isn't going to run into 5 other sophias in her class. If you love the name, use it.

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